Brother Meng, today we let Lyon and Lille come to the lineup PK to see which team will be stronger.


Let's take a look at the lineup of the two teams first.




In terms of center, Lille’s ICON Kluivert, 20TS Ossehern, 20TS Aubameyang are better than Lyon’s strongest center 20TS Benzema.

就中锋而言,里尔的ICON Kluivert,20TS奥塞恩,20TS奥巴梅扬比里昂最强的中锋本泽马更好。

Summary: Lille wins at the center position!




Lyon’s BOE Depay and BOE Hazard are both very strong at the winger position. We count him as a tie. Then Lyon’s 20TS Fekir and Lille’s 19TS Tovan are not much different. 19U Terrell has both sides, which cancel each other out. Next Lyon's 19U B. Traore and LH Kalu, LH Gervinho are not too far behind, a little bit worse.

里昂的BOE Depay和BOE Hazard在边锋位置上都很强。我们把他视为平局。然后里昂的20TS Fekir和里尔的19TS Tovan并没有太大不同。 19U Terrell的两端互相抵消。接下来的里昂19U B. Traore和LH Kalu,LH Gervinho并不太差,差一点。

Summary: Generally speaking, the position of the winger is not very different and can be considered a tie. If you insist on winning, Lille won by a slight margin.


【Front waist】


The strongest front midfielder is only CC Gourcuff, which is indeed not as good as Lille's 20TS Payer. But Lyon's bench will be deeper. 19U Pjanic and 19U Ndong Belle are better than LH Miralas. CP Grenier is also better than Yazchi.

最强的前场球员只有CC Gourcuff,确实不及里尔的20TS Payer。但是里昂的替补席会更深。 19U Pjanic和19U Ndong Belle比LH Miralas更好。 CP Grenier也比Yazchi更好。

Summary: Lille's midfielder position is slightly stronger at the start, but Lyon's bench is deeper and there are more alternatives to the bench. Lille's midfielder position is basically no substitute and can only rely on Paye. But I personally feel that Lille is slightly stronger, after all, the starting strength is still quite important.




In the midfield, 20TS Asia and Austria are not as good as 20TS Retona Sanchez and 20TS Guye. Not to mention 19U Rende and 19U Tolisso.

在中场,亚洲20TS和奥地利不及20TS Retona Sanchez和20TS Guye。更不用说19U Rende和19U Tolisso。

Summary: Lille won in midfield.


[Back waist]


For Lyon, 06U Alu Diarra's early out-of-print card can basically be passed. 19U Thiago Mendes has both sides, ignore it. LP Clermont and LP Mavuba are half-hearted, too. Then we continue to look down, the Lyon side CP Gonalons is obviously not as good as 20TS Benjamin Andre.

对于里昂,基本上可以通过06U Alu Diarra的早期绝版卡。 19U蒂亚戈·门德斯有双方,请忽略它。 LP Clermont和LP Mavuba也三心二意。然后我们继续往下看,里昂的CP Gonalons显然不如20TS本杰明·安德烈。

Summary: So Lille won again in the midfield.


[centre back]


Lille also has a clear advantage in central defenders. Lille’s BOE Kjaer and 20TS Gabriel are significantly better than Lyon’s LH Lovren and 19U Anderson.

里尔在中后卫中也有明显的优势。里尔的BOE Kjaer和20TS Gabriel比里昂的LH Lovren和19U安德森要好得多。

Summary: Lille wins again in the center.


【Full back】


The left back has 19U KONE, offset. The rest is half a catty, and the left is tied. On the right, LH Lichsteiner is better than 19U Du Bois. The next few are half a cat.

左后方有19U KONE(偏移)。剩下的半斤,左边被绑住。在右侧,LH Lichsteiner优于19U Du Bois。接下来的几只是半只猫。

Summary: Lille wins at full-backs.




In Lyon, the gap between BOE Lorris and Lille's 19TS Magnum is not too big. And the substitute HOT Anthony Lopez and LH Tatarusanu are definitely better than LP Enyama.

在里昂,BOE Lorris和Lille的19TS Magnum之间的差距不太大。替补HOT Anthony Lopez和LH Tatarusanu绝对比LP Enyama好。

Summary: So the goalkeeper, Lyon finally got back a city. For the goalkeeper, Lyon wins!


Summary: I don't know, I was surprised at first glance. Except for the goalkeeper position, Lyon was defeated by Lille in almost all positions! I announce! The team sets PK this season, Lille wins!


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