大发国际|北京努力创造冬奥遗产 涉及7个方面35个重点领域

   In February 2019, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee issued the "2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Strategic Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Legacy Strategic Plan"). As the first Olympic Games after the promulgation of the "Olympic 2020 Agenda", it has been planning and managing the Olympic heritage from the early stage of preparation. Currently, Beijing is working hard to create the Winter Olympics heritage, so that Beijing 2022 will establish a positive interaction and win-win situation between the Olympic movement and urban and regional development. A new model of development.

2019年2月,北京冬季奥林匹克运动会组委会发布了《 2022年北京冬季奥林匹克运动会和残奥会遗产战略计划》(以下简称“遗产战略计划”)。作为“ 2020年奥运会议程”颁布之后的第一届奥运会,它从筹建初期就一直在规划和管理奥林匹克遗产。当前,北京正在努力创造冬季奥运会的遗产,以便北京2022在奥林匹克运动与城市和地区发展之间建立积极的互动和双赢的局面。一种新的发展模式。

  Olympic heritage, as the result of the realization of the vision of the Olympic Games, includes all the tangible and intangible long-term benefits brought by the Olympic Games to the public, urban and regional development and the creation or acceleration of the Olympic movement. The Beijing 2022 Heritage Strategic Plan includes 7 aspects and 35 key areas in sports, economy, society, culture, environment, urban development and regional development. Currently, Beijing is working hard to create the legacy of the Winter Olympics.

奥林匹克远景的实现是奥林匹克遗产的结晶,它包括奥林匹克为公众,城市和地区发展以及奥林匹克运动的创造或加速带来的所有有形和无形的长期利益。 《北京2022年遗产战略计划》包括体育,经济,社会,文化,环境,城市发展和区域发展的7个方面和35个关键领域。目前,北京正在努力创造冬奥会的遗产。

  □The creation and bringing of Olympic heritage 


   Liu Xinghua, Director of the Heritage Management Division of the General Planning Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said that the two core words of Olympic heritage are creation and bringing.


"The goal of hosting an Olympic Games now is not only for more than ten days of competitions, but also to combine the goals of hosting the Olympics with the development goals of the city and the people’s expectations for life. The legacy of the Olympics cannot be produced without the Olympics. Rather, it is necessary to start planning and creation from the beginning of the preparation of the Olympic Games, including post-match use of venues and infrastructure, promoting the popularization and development of ice and snow sports, improving the ecological environment, enhancing the level of social civilization, building an inclusive society, and driving urban transformation Upgrade and high-quality development will lead to the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. The Beijing Winter Olympics has fully considered the heritage of the Winter Olympics from the beginning of the preparation, planned the construction and operation of the new venues in advance, and comprehensively considered the needs of the event and the use after the game. One strategy' "legacy plan". This is the creative work that the Olympics organizers need to complete, and it is also the tangible legacy brought by the Olympics.


   The Olympic Games also brought intangible heritage to the host city. Take volunteer service as an example. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, volunteers devoted themselves to volunteer service during the competition, creating the golden name card of "Smiling Beijing" and thus opening the "first year of China's voluntary service" ", to promote the rapid development of China's voluntary services.


"The Olympic Games will leave a valuable legacy to the host city's reputation, the development of volunteer services, awareness of helping the disabled, and environmental protection. These are also intangible Olympic legacy. People may not have a very intuitive experience of these legacy, but it It will be reflected in all aspects of life."


   As a new model for the Olympics and urban and regional development, Shougang Park rejuvenated after "hand in hand" the Beijing Winter Olympics, and injected new impetus into the transformation and upgrading of the legacy of the old industry and high-quality development. More than ten years ago, for the sake of the clear water and blue sky of the capital and to host the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Shougang gradually suspended production and relocation, leaving vacant land and old industrial plants behind the departure of workers. With the arrival of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee in Shougang Park, this century-old park has been reborn. The construction of ski jumping platform, Shougang "Four Ice", and the presence of a group of brand enterprises have made this place full of vitality. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the Winter Olympics, Shougang Park is working hard to become a new landmark of the capital city in the new era.


  □Full use of Olympic heritage


   The Olympic venues are the most direct legacy of the Olympic Games, as well as the Olympic legacy that citizens can see and touch. Liu Xinghua said that the Beijing Winter Olympics upholds the concept of sustainable development and "clean running of the Olympics", and will make best use of the many Olympic legacy of the 2008 Summer Olympics, especially in the construction of venues and infrastructure. Among the competition and non-competition venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics, 11 of them are Beijing 2008 Heritage. The Bird's Nest is the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games and the largest multi-functional stadium in China. It will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. The National Aquatics Center Water Cube will realize the "water ice" function conversion at the end of the year and transform it into a standard curling arena with 4 ice lanes. As the new landmark of Beijing’s "Night Capital", Wukesong Stadium will be transformed into the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics ice hockey venue. It will be able to convert basketball to ice hockey in six hours, satisfying the requirements of the Beijing Winter Olympics. On the basis of demand, will take into account the use of post-match.


As the only newly-built ice competition venue for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the National Speed ​​Skating Hall "Ice Ribbon" was constructed on the temporary venue for hockey and archery in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Speed ​​skating competitions will be held during the Beijing Winter Olympics. After the game, it will become the first multi-functional ice stadium in Beijing to operate in all seasons. "The National Speed ​​Skating Stadium has a 12,000-square-meter area of'smart' ice surface. It adopts an all-ice surface design and uses sub-module control units to divide the ice surface into several areas. According to different projects, the ice is divided into areas and standards. , Which means that after the Winter Olympics, all ice sports such as short track speed skating, speed skating, curling, ice hockey, figure skating, etc. can be performed here. From the beginning of the design and construction of the venue, it is necessary to plan ahead and use it after the game. Create the best legacy. At present, we continue to work with venue owners to develop and improve the "legacy plan" for each competition area and venue, including sports event plans, training plans, public fitness plans, public welfare plans, commercial operation plans, and competitions. Post-market forecasts, etc., make the use of venues after the game really land, not only serving the development of China's competitive sports, but also serving the national fitness, while maintaining the sustainable development of the venues through multi-format operations. This work was at the beginning of the Olympic preparations As it has been going on, this will provide strong support for the use of venues after the game." Liu Xinghua said.

作为北京冬季奥运会唯一新建的冰上比赛场地,国家速滑馆``冰丝带''建在北京2008年奥运会曲棍球和射箭的临时场地上。速滑比赛将在北京冬季奥运会期间举行。比赛结束后,它将成为北京第一个全季开放的多功能冰上运动场。 ``国家速滑体育场拥有12,000平方米的'智能'冰面面积。它采用全冰面设计,并使用子模块控制单元将冰面划分为多个区域。根据不同项目将冰分为区域和标准,这意味着在冬季奥运会之后,可以在这里进行所有冰运动,例如短道速滑,速滑,冰壶,冰球,花样滑冰等。在开始设计和建造场馆之前,有必要大发最新网站多少提前计划并在赛后使用它,创造最好的遗产。目前,我们继续与场馆所有者合作,为每次比赛制定和改进“遗产计划”区域和场地,包括体育赛事计划,训练计划,公共健身计划,公益计划,商业运作计划和比赛,售后预测等,它们在比赛真正落地后使用场地,不仅为中国竞争的发展进行体育运动,还可以为全民​​健身服务,同时通过多种形式的运营保持场馆的可持续发展。这项工作是在进行奥运会筹备工作的初期进行的,它将为赛后使用场地提供有力的支持。”刘兴华说。

   Taking advantage of the Winter Olympics, Shougang Park has gradually become one of the new landmarks of the capital city.


  □ Olympic legacy brings "a sense of gain"


   Let the common people really benefit from the Beijing Winter Olympics. Improving the sense of happiness and gain in life is an important consideration in the preparation of the Winter Olympics and one of the important meanings of hosting the Winter Olympics. A national swimming center that can be freely converted from "water and ice", a national speed skating stadium that can be operated in all four seasons, a ski town that relies on the development of the Winter Olympics venues... a number of world-class venues and facilities will fully meet the needs of the people for ice and snow sports.


"The post-match use of the Winter Olympics venues, to put it bluntly, is to let everyone have a place to skate and ski in winter, so as to attract more people to participate in ice and snow sports. The world-class ice and snow competition venues in the three major competition regions of the Winter Olympics In addition to serving the national team's training guarantee tasks after the game, it will also attract a number of top international ice and snow events to settle in, and people can enjoy high-level sports events without leaving the country. The opening of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway and the Beijing-Lishan Expressway will make it more convenient for people to travel. At the same time, it will also promote the development of regional cultural tourism, which will make the people more enjoyable.” Liu Xinghua said, Zhangjiakou is now building a manufacturing base for ice and snow equipment, including snow rollers, snow machines, snowboards, and ice The localization of upper equipment will gradually be realized, and the price of equipment will be cheaper for ordinary people in the future, which will also reduce the cost of participating in ice and snow sports.


   In February of this year, the International Olympic Committee approved the naming of "Beijing International Olympic Academy" and officially included "Beijing International Olympic Academy" in the list of international Olympic research institutions. "Beijing International Olympic Academy" is an important cultural and educational heritage project of the Beijing Winter Olympics. At present, the college is under preparation and will undertake the promotion of Olympic education and the training of Olympic talents in the future.

今年2月,国际奥委会批准了“北京国际奥林匹克学院”的命名,并将“北京国际奥林匹克学院”正式列入国际奥林匹克研究机构名单。 “北京国际奥林匹克学院”是北京冬季奥运会的重要文化和教育遗产项目。目前,该学院正在筹备中,并将在将大发最新网站多少来进行奥林匹克教育的推广和奥林匹克人才的培训。

   Liu Xinghua expressed that he hopes to create a rich Olympic legacy through the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will not only provide a model and reference for future large-scale events and Olympics in China, but more importantly, bring long-term benefits to the sustainable development of cities and regions and benefit people.


Our reporter Wu Dong, intern reporter Zhuo ran


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