[The number of viewers in the s10 final match has reached 1 million, and the American audience wakes up to watch the game] During the LGD vs PSG match, the number of viewers in the s10 final match exceeded 1 million, and in the next NA vs EU (TL vs MAD match) , The number of viewers reached a new peak of 1.15 million.

[s10决赛中的观众人数已达到100万,美国观众醒来观看比赛。]在LGD vs PSG比赛中,s10决赛中的观众人数超过了100万,在接下来的比赛中NA vs EU(TL vs MAD比赛),观众人数达到了115万的新高。

Netizens also discussed this:


"The 2019 World Championship is the most watched e-sports game in history. I'm sure it will become more this year. Because there are already so many spectators for the finalists, plus the cancellation of offline viewing, people are waiting for the epidemic. at home."

“ 2019年世界锦标赛是有史以来观看次数最多的电子竞技游戏。我敢肯定,今年的比赛将会越来越多。由于决赛选手已经有很多观众,加上取消了离线观看,人们正在等待流行。”

"Attention, this is only a qualifier, the game time is very unfriendly to Western audiences, and the Chinese team has not yet started to play (the old godfather was removed)."


"I'm on the west coast of the United States, and I got up at 3 o'clock in the morning to watch the game (I can't get up at 1 o'clock)."


"Stay at home and watch League of Legends"


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